Controlled Substance: Photographic Success In The War On Drugs

A project about the War On Drugs, something Americans are introduced to as kids through school programs, television shows, and personal experiences. Here we explore a different side of the war: Victory.

Controlled Substance is a collection of portraits featuring law enforcement from around the country posing with seized drugs. The pictures capture a moment where illegal narcotics transform into winning trophies. All the photographs were taken by law enforcement themselves and collected from Google Images over winter 2014.

Book Credits & Info
Collected, Edited and Written by Maclean Jackson
Art Direction and Design by Erik Blad

New York: Twin BroBro, 2015
ISBN # 978-0-9913202-1-9
7 x 9 inches.
Soft Cover
50 Copies
52 Pages
Full Color
Poly Bag

The book was sold at Colette in Paris, Kinfolk in Brooklyn and Oxtail Studios in Berkeley.
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