Controlled Substance: Photographic Success In The War On Drugs

A project about the War On Drugs, something Americans are introduced to as kids through school programs, television shows, and personal experiences. Here we explore a different side of the war: Victory.

Controlled Substance is a collection of portraits featuring law enforcement from around the country posing with seized drugs. The pictures capture a moment where illegal narcotics transform into winning trophies. All the photographs were taken by law enforcement themselves and collected from Google Images over winter 2014.

Book Credits & Info
Collected, Edited and Written by Maclean Jackson
Art Direction and Design by Erik Blad

New York: Twin BroBro, 2015
ISBN # 978-0-9913202-1-9
7 x 9 inches.
Soft Cover
50 Copies
52 Pages
Full Color
Poly Bag

The book was sold at Colette in Paris, Kinfolk in Brooklyn and Oxtail Studios in Berkeley.
Made with Care, Worn Without.adicolor