A project about waves, the Black and Latino men’s hairstyle. We explore the practice, character and landscape of waves on the heads of proud men who dedicate hours to this classic look.

The project was covered on numerous sites, like Fader and Highsnobiety. Thanks to generous support from friends, the book was featured at Expo Chicago; Printed Matter's NY Art Book Fair; Yale University Art Gallery’s Odds and Ends; and São Paulo’s Feira Plana.

The book was available at Dashwood Books, Printed Matter and Book Dummy Press.

Book Credits & Info
Photography: Trujillo Paumier
Design: Sally Thurer
Casting: Alina Zakaite
Du-Rag: Kerri Besse
Retouching: Stacy Powers & Chad Griffith
Creative Direction: Twin BroBro

New York: Twin BroBro, 2014
ISBN # 978-0-9913202-0-2
First edition
11 ½ x 13 ½ inches.
Soft Cover
100 Copies
26 Pages
Full Color
Spandex Du-Rag Dustcover
Launch Event Flyers by Ruben Beedelum

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